Introducing. H2Olga. Submitted by H2Olga on May 5, 2011 - 03:02. H2Olga talks about having a solid default approach to heads up poker at the $55 + 2.50 level in.Yet, they played every day for months without sitting at the same tables. -All three accounts would sit down and get up at the same times. -Their betsizing was the same.Buy Online at Foot Locker Large Selection Free Shipping from 69 £ / 85 €.

Regisztrálj a Full Tilt Pokeren pár egyszerű lépésben a nagyszerű nyereményekért és a kezdő, $600-os bónuszcsomagért!.Use the phone, use the stats, be a douche. they will come through if youre right.Play a game of Poker with other computer players as you try to win all their money.Up to this point, I had been fooling around with trying to exploit their tendencies but with little luck.I waited one day, then two days, five days, a week, ten days.One day I searched around to see if I found anything on bots and Full Tilt.Exersează-ţi aptitudinile cu jocuri pe bani virtuali sau intră în jocuri pe bani reali. Nu există un loc mai bun pentru a învăţa şi juca poker.

. slots gratis video slots spel on line casino slots slots spiere gratis 20 line slots australie new on line slots slots loc be. poker full tilt.From what I could tell he was letting the bots play pf and against other players and then overriding their postflop action when necessary in hands against me.The email went on vaguely about how shortcomings from this case will be addressed in the future.Online poker Heads-Up bumhunters are killing the game opening way too many tables but not playing each others apart from waiting for a fish to come.For.I received an email back 45 minutes later from the initial support rep saying that they had received the email and were forwarding it on to their fraud department.Cliffnotes: I discovered NL bots on Full Tilt earlier this year and reported them.

The ultimate online Poker Odds Calculator helps you win more hands with intelligent & profitable decisions. Download Poker Calculator from its official source.Bot opens, I cc with J6o, flop comes 922, bet, call, turn 3, check, bet, fold.Quote: From what I could tell he was letting the bots play pf and against other players and then overriding their postflop action when necessary in hands against me.

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Then if I think he thinks that, then AT is a giant hand here.

Bot raises pf, I cc (in the hand I happen to have ATs), flop AQ3.Before I had a chance to make this post, the situation took an absurd new twist.They played very tight in the blinds, in EP, and in MP, but in LP they play semi-lag and squeeze limpers all the time.I will be emailing FTP about this and asking them for a response.It was inevitable the bot owner would catch on, but I thought it might take a few days.

My grand strategy was to get position on them on every table, cold call pf with any two cards if they raised, then raise the flop or float depending on the board texture.Then next hand that I play against the bots comes down like this.Then the very next hand I play against a bot, same progression, bot cbets, I raise, bot reraises, I fold. Hmmm. Two big hands in a row.

A bot could easily generate 30,000 dollars rake each month. 40 bots easily could generate more than a million dollars rake each month.I left town for a couple weeks and upon returning I brought up the datamining data.Timing-wise, the bot accounts have now returned shortly after Full Tilt said they completed their investigation.I immediately stopped making moves against the bots and decided to call it a night shortly after.

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Maybe there is some plausible reason they always sit at different tables.I bet pot hoping it is programmed to make a loose call with Q or pp.Next chance I got, I would at last make the post and bring everyone up to speed on the bots getting removed.Bot cbets, I call. Turn 6. Bot checks (clearly having a pocket pair or giving up).

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In one hand, I flopped TPNK HU against one. I end up playing more live poker and not at all online. Suppose there would be a total of 40 bots on FullTilt.